Business Education & Seminar

We believe that the quality of the people who work in a company is a critical factor leading to success of a business. How your associates perform will determine how well your company's capability to deal with challenges, threats and opportunities. "Knowledgeable people with best performance are appreciated during deteriorating business environment" was a statement used to understand the importance of quality improvement of individuals before succeeding in business development.

Public Seminar

Some of the seminars we offer are:

  • 1. Credit & Credit Control Management in HK & PRC
  • 2. Debt Recovery Technique
  • 3. Strategic Sales Management
  • 4. HR Management, Labor Law, Labor Insurance Protection
  • 5. Total Quality Management
  • 6. Time Management, Team Building
  • 7. Business Laws and Regulations
  • 8. Change Management & Crisis Management
  • 9. HK & PRC Legal System, Litigation Procedures
  • 10. HK & PRC Accounting Standard
  • 11. HK & PRC Taxation

In-house Seminar

SCM offers workshops that are designed for company meetings and for internal training purposes. They are available in a half day or full day format. These workshops are unique to your organization and designed in close alignment with your company's specific business goals. Initiating a company-specific workshop demonstrates your organization's commitment to growth and learning, and encourages professional development while contributing to increasing employee retention. For the last decade, we have been in the forefront of executive education, helping individuals and their organizations learn and apply new knowledge and skills. Our tailor-made workshops are developed and delivered according to your needs.


Public Seminars

In-House Seminar at Hotel Venue.

In-House Seminar at client's office.