Credit Risk Management Service

In the fiercely competitive and volatile marketplace, a sound and efficient credit risk management is a business necessity on the road to success. Nowadays, checking customer's background information, reliability & credibility is an essential business practice. When you are deciding whether or not to extend credit sales to a customer, you should have all the relevant information available. Our Credit Report can help you minimize your credit risk exposure and obtain safety & profitable business. In addition, our Credit Management Consulting service can provide know-how skill for clienteles to implement their credit control mechanism in daily operations.

Credit Management Consulting

We offer in-house training and workshop to assist your company in every aspects of credit management. We provide expertise solutions in:


Assessment of your existing credit operations and make recommendations for: - Credit control & receivable management function, new customer acceptance procedures, customer credit limits, billing procedures;

  • Cash collections & actions on overdue payments; account receivable
  • Determining available and appropriate options to either reduce or offset the risk where you are exposed to;
  • Periodically review the system to fit for the economic and market volatility.

Credit Report

Our Credit Reports can help you reduce the inherent risk and make more confident credit decisions that affect the profitability of your business.


Information provided includes:

  • Company History and Background
  • Registered Information
  • Ownership and Management
  • Operational Status
  • Financial Status
  • Banker Information
  • Profit and Loss Account
  • Subsidiary & Affiliates
  • Balance Sheet
  • Court Record
  • Industrial Summaries etc.

We offer global credit information cover 160 countries, which are obtained directly from target offices, credit bureaus, local agents, major credit information institutions, databases, industry sources. Availability of financial information from some countries may be limited because of local statutory & regulations.