Litigation and Legal Consultancy

We offer the following legal services:

Commercial Litigation

  • Breach of Commercial Contract
  • Good sold & delivered
  • Service rendered & work done
  • Infringement of intellectual properties
  • Copy Right
  • Tort
  • Negligence

Criminal Litigation

  • Defense work at Magistracy, District Court, High Court and higher appellate courts for trials or appeals
  • General advice on criminal matters, legal visits
  • Prosecution work

Civil Litigation

  • Personal injuries caused by accidents (Traffic or Medical)
  • Land and tenancy disputes
  • Property management disputes
  • Divorce, Probate and Family Matters
  • Divorce and separation
  • Claims for custody, maintenance and other financial provisions
  • Making of wills
  • Probate applications

Other Services

  • Drafting and providing advice on general commercial agreements
  • Drafting and providing advice on tenancy agreements
  • Trade Mark / Patent Applications
  • Visa / Immigration Matters